Music at St. Michael’s for Sunday Services
played by Stuart Montgomery d.r.s.a.m., L.R.A.M., L.G.S.M., L.T.C.L.
organ and piano

I am delighted to be learning the 15 Organ Concertos by Handel and these will be performed during 2O17. In order to distinguish each more easily I have given them descriptive titles relating to various aspects of Handel’s life.

SUNDAY 4th JUNE 2017
J. West: Impromptu & Allegro Pomposo
G.F. Handel: Organ Concerto no. 15 in D minor - ‘Mayfair’ (HWV 3O4)
(Reflection): J. Horner: The Secret Wedding (Braveheart)
(Offering): C. Willliams: The Dream of Olwyn
(Recessional): G. F. Handel: Allegro ma non presto, from Organ Concerto no. 2 in B flat Major -‘Royal Pageant’ (Opus 4 no. 2)

SUNDAY 11th JUNE 2017
We welcome Una Croll to play the organ and piano

SUNDAY 18th JUNE 2017
G. F. Handel: Organ Concerto no. 9 in B flat Major -‘Hampton Court’ (Opus 7 no 3)
Stuart’s Hymn Tune Medley no. 3
(Reflection): S. Wonder: The Sunshine of...
(Offering): ): R. Binge: Sailing by
(Recessional): H. Mulet: Tu es Petra

SUNDAY 25th JUNE 2017
T. Albinoni / R. Giazotto: Adagio in G minor
G. F. Handel: Organ Concerto no. 1 in G minor -‘King George’ (Opus 4 no. 1)
(Reflection): E. Satie: Gnossienne no. 3
(Offering): F. Schubert: Spring
(Recessional): H. Mulet: Carillon Sortie


Stuart Montgomery at organ

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