Missionaries & Edinburgh 2010

Edinburgh 2010

Edinburgh 2010 was a multi-denominational and international project set up to commemorate the 1910 World Missionary Conference, and to provide new perspectives on mission for the 21st century.

Bishop Sentamu

The Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu, was one of the leading spokespersons for the Church of England. He accepted the invitation of the Edinburgh 2010 General Council to conduct the Sunday Worship on 6 June 2010 at the Assembly Hall in Edinburgh. Archbishop Sentamu was joined by representatives of the Evangelical, Pentecostal, Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

Our Missionaries

The Church of Scotland resolved to enter the Foreign Mission field in 1864 (later taking over the work of the Scottish Missionary Society). They sent their first missionaries to Bombay in 1829.

In places where these missionaries used to work they are remembered with deep gratitude. Many of these places still have very close links with Scotland. The Church of Scotland should take tremendous encouragement by the amount of love and respect that the people in these countries have for us.

One of the ministers writing in the Church of Scotland magazine, Life & Work states that:
"it's actually very moving, very humbling to hear how we are spoken of. It is a shame that the modern political climate almost makes us feel ashamed of the work the early missionaries did. But it is not perceived, by the people we are meeting now, as having been harmful or bad. They look back on the work done with great respect, love and affection."

Nowadays, with the passing of the Empire and Britain’s involvement in many distant lands, it is easy to forget just how important it was to reach to others. We are aware of 29 missionaries from St Michael’s who felt called to that work over the years. There was a framed Roll of Honour, dated 1922, listing 22 missionaries that had been sent out from St Michael’s.

George Adamson - Africa.

John A Alexander - Daska, Punjab, India - now in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

J. Frederick Alexander & Mrs Janet Alexander (nee Brown) - Nyasaland (now Malawi), Africa. Served 1908 - 1938.

A. Melville Anderson - Tanganyika, Africa. Served 1908 - 1935.

L.F. Armitage.

T. Grahame Bailey & Mrs. Agnes B. Bailey (nee Sloan) - Wazirabad, India. Now in the Gujranwala District, Punjab, Pakistan. Served 1895 - 1920.

Alice Ballantyne - China. circa. 1933 Formerly a member of E&L17 Girls' Guildry Company at St Michael's.

Jessie Eleanor Campbell - Nyasaland (now Malawi), Africa. Formerly a member of E&L17 Girls' Guildry Company at St Michael's and she started a company in Embangweni. Served 1936 - 1967.

William Dalgetty & Mrs. Lizzie Reid Dalgetty (nee Simpson) - Sialkot, Punjab, India. [There is a great deal of information in the National Library of Scotland. There are many letters written by both Mr Dalgetty and his wife; minutes of meetings containing all his reports, along with various photographs of himself, the people of the Punjab, and his work.] Served 1884 until he was invalided home in 1929. He then became assistant to Dr Davidson in South Leith Parish Church.

Henry C. Duncan & Cecilia M. Duncan - Darjeeling, India. Served 1901 until at least 1953.

John M.B.Duncan & Mrs. Clara Duncan - Calcutta, India. Served circa. 1920 and earlier.

William (Bill) Lees & Mrs. Helen Broad Lees (nee Macdonald) - Nyasaland, Africa. He became Medical Superintendent at Tugela Ferry Hospital, Natal, South Africa. Served 1937 - 1960.

Annie L. Mackintosh - India.

Herbert McLaren - China.

Lachlan MacLean - Duars, India. Served 1912 - 1939 when he was called up for National Service and went down with his ship in 1942 when it was torpedoed.

H.M. Newton & Mrs. Newton.

Emma Roberts - Africa.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Amos Robertson - Madras (now Chennai), India. She nursed at Rainy Hospital. Served 1938 - 1953.

Lechmere Taylor.

Andrew B. Wann - Calcutta, India.

Louise Watt - Calcutta, India. Served 1904 - 1926.

Lily Waugh.