Remembrance at War Cemetery

War Memorials of St Michael's Parish Church & the former North Merchiston Church

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St Michael's Parish Church

North Merchiston Church



Memorial Book.
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"Let them not depart from your eyes.
Keep them in the midst of your heart."
(Proverbs 4: 21. World English Bible)

The Cross of Sacrifice pictured above is a standard feature of all British Commonwealth War Cemeteries throughout the world. It was designed shortly after the 1914-1918 War. The images above were taken at Labuan War Cemetery, North Borneo. The land on which the cemetery stands is the gift of the people of that country for the perpetual resting place of the sailors, soldiers and airmen who are honoured there.

Prior to WW1 no nation had systematically cared for its war dead - in fact, throughout the ages only the graves of the Great Commanders received any recognition. During WW1 the Imperial War Graves Commission was created as a permanent organisation to safeguard for all time the remains of our gallant dead, wherever they might be.

As time passes, very few know those who gave their lives. This is an attempt to show that the men and women, on the St Michael's and North Merchiston memorials, once lived their lives in the same houses, in the same streets, as others do today.

Request for details: Our database went on-line in time for Remembrance Day 2005 but research is always ongoing. We would be extremely grateful if anyone can send us whatever little information they may have on any of the names - street where the person lived, regiment, or school attended - click the contact button on menu bar to let the webmaster know. Sometimes it only needs one small detail to allow us to confirm a name.

In the 1980's a member of a church in the Viewforth area, Gordon Taylor, started researching the names on the memorials of all churches in that area. The result of that work can be seen on the Viewforth Church web site.

As a development of his significant interest in military medals, Gordon had researched the backgrounds of many of the holders of these medals. In parallel with this, he had researched the backgrounds of many servicemen who died in the major conflicts of the 20th century, so that a human story could be attached to the names which appear on the war memorials.

This research started twenty years ago and was achieved by focusing on a small group or groups, and one such group comprised those whose names were found on the war memorials of the three main churches (Viewforth, St David’s and St Oswald’s) which existed in the locality of Gordon's home in the Viewforth area of Edinburgh. Although two of those church buildings have now closed, all the memorials are preserved.

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (‘CWGC’) is the official reference source of Commonwealth military personnel who died in conflict since the 20th century, although only basic information is held in their database.

Our sincere thanks go to Gordon who kindly offered to research the names on St Michael's & North Merchiston memorials, together with biographical details and photographs where available.

Should you be interested in purchasing the information in the form of a booklet, we hope to have some available for November 2006. Please contact the webmaster or church office if you wish to order or have further details.

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