HISTORY(Part 1 ) 1877 - 1999  
1877 - 1884 THE IRON CHURCH

In 1877 the districts of Dalry, Tynecastle and North Merchiston were rapidly growing.

Mr James Hope of Belmont, Murrayfield, who took a deep interest in Church extension, along with Mr James Adams Wenley, Treasurer of the Bank of Scotland, Mr John Hope Finlay, W.S., and with the help of the Home Mission Committee and St. Cuthbert's Parish Church, erected an Iron Church.

When the new church of St Michaels was completed, the Iron Church was bought in 1884 by the authorities of West House, Momingside

Mr James Hope

Mr James Hope


In 1879 the triangular site, where the present church now stands, was selected and purchased.
The architect was Mr John Honeyman, R.S.A., of Glasgow.


Sunday 2nd December St Michaels Church was opened for public worship.

The first minister was the


Rev. George Wilson D.D

Rev George Wilson



During Mr Hamilton's ministry Choir Stall Seats were installed and also the Electric Lighting.

Rev John E Hamilton

Rev John E Hamilton M.C. B.A.

Rev John MacDougall B.D.

Rev John MacDougall

Rev. Adrian Watt M.A.

Rev. Adrian Watt


Rev Margaret Forrester M.A. B.D.

Rev Margaret Forrester  

St Michael's Church, Edinburgh - inside

Stained Glass Windows

East Window

East Window: To the Glory of God - In beloved memory of William Pitcairn, Esq., of Burnhead, Dundee, died 1831, aged 68 years; Robert Dall, Esq., of Cedar Valley, Jamaica, died in Edinburgh, 1850, aged 62 years, and his wife Jane Pitcairn, died 1842, aged 51 years.
Gifted in 1886 by David A Carnegie M.D.

South window

South Window:

(left) To the Glory of God and in loving memory of John Campbell died 19 September 1921

(right) and his wife Jemina Hunter Lee Brown died 3 October 1904. Erected by their family

west window

West Window: To the Glory of God - In beloved memory of Sir George Ballingall, M.D., Professor of Military Surgery, Edinburgh University, born 1780, died 1856; John Pitcairn, M.D., died in the island of Java, 1840, aged 40 years; David A. Carnegie M.D., Surgeon-Major (retired) Indian Army, born 1814, died 15th May 1887
Gifted in 1886 by David A Carnegie M.D.

Main East Window

East windows of St Michaels

Click on the photograph to see a larger version of the three east windows and close-ups of two of the panels

The inscription reads:
In memory of the honourable Gertrude died 1894.
Wife of James Hope

The bible readings contained in the windows are from left to right:
Ruth 1:16, Mark 10:14, and Matthew 25:35

Pulpit and Lectern Panels

1. Citrons
2. Grapes
3. Olives
4. Pomegranates
5. Apples
6. Figs (Lectern)

Click to view the larger photographs

The Panels of the Pulpit and of the Reading Desk were painted by the Hon. Mrs James Hope of Belmont and gifted to the Church.
The paintings on the panels represent fruits mentioned in the Bible.

1.citrons 2. grapes 3. olives 4. pomegranates 5.apples 6.Figs on Pulpit

The Alms Dish

The Alms Dish is an Indian production, and was presented by Major-General Bruce, who had been the Commanding Officer of the cantonment of Sialkot, Panjab, and Secretary of the Church of Scotland Mission there.

Baptismal Font

The marble basin of the Baptismal Font was dug out of the ruins of the foundations of a pre-Reformation Church in England and given to St Michael's anonymously.
The sandstone pedestal was made in Edinburgh.

"Hitherto hath the Lord helped us"

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