The Church of Scotland seeks to serve the people of Scotland through its parish churches.

St Michael's serves the community as a whole not just its own members. Those beginning a new life, either as new-born or as couples sharing their lives, are of particular concern to us.

Anyone with a connection to St. Michael’s or who lives within St. Michael’s parish and wishes to consider a baptism or a wedding in St. Michael’s, or gain further information should contact the minister through the church office on 0131 478 9675 or email.

As can be seen from the photograph alongside, St Michael's provides a beautiful setting. It also has a lovely garden alongside. Why not consider it as a venue?

Wedding Costs: The total cost of a wedding service at St Michael’s is £225. This includes the fee of £70 for the organist; £50 for the church officer and a donation of £175 to the church. We will be grateful if you can Gift Aid the donation of £175.00.

If your wedding is videoed commercially, there is an extra fee of £50. This is the recommended scheme laid down by the Scottish Society of Organists.



wedding flowers inside church